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All of I dig denim’s products are produced under high requirements ensured by the producers and partners we collaborate with. We choose our suppliers and partners very carefully, as they stand for the agreements with the commissioned factories that manufacture our products. We maintain a continuous dialogue with our suppliers to ensure that they are committed to rigorous standards regarding working conditions and ethical responsibilities. The producers ensure that the production lives up to high requirements and audit that it takes place under good working conditions. You can read our Code of Conduct here.


Our t-shirts and tops are made from a composition of cotton and elastane to give them a stretchy quality. Our denim are made from a variant of composition materials: cotton, polyester and elastane, to give them a stretchy quality. The composition depends on the model. The styles of our kid’s denim are unisex – they fit both boys and girls. Our suppliers also follow REACH, the European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals. You can find more information about REACH here.

Zippers and Buttons

Our zippers and buttons fulfils the requirements of REACH, the regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals. You can read more about it here.

Washing Instructions and Care Guide

I dig denim advocate a green attitude towards washing. Since your drying and washing habits are of great importance to help preserve not only nature, but also your clothes, we have listed a few tips you should care about. Only wash when necessary, sometimes it is enough to just air-dry your clothes for a fresh feeling. Avoid using tumble dryers and dryers as they consume a lot of energy. Use an environmentally friendly washing programme, an alternative available at most modern washing machines. When washing, make sure you fill up the washing machine. Try to avoid softener as it contains a lot of chemicals. If absolutely necessary, choose an environmentally friendly alternative. Do not use softener when washing our jeans. Use an environmentally friendly washing detergent. Not only is it a green alternative, it is also less likely to irritate your skin. To make your personal print on your denim, try to put off the first wash for as long as possible. Our jeans can be washed in 40 degrees, but no warmer. Our knitted pieces must be hand washed, and our pieces containing elastane should not be washed in more than 40 degrees. If you want to be on the safe side chose 30 degrees. Washing powder is effective also on lower temperatures. All I dig denim pieces have a care label with washing instructions.


Never throw away your worn clothes, pass them on to friends or family or charity organisations– our clothes are made to last for several generations.

Size and Fit


T-shirt and tops

86-92           1-2 YR.          134-140          9-10 YR.

98-104          3-4 YR.         146-152          11-12 YR.

110-116         5-6 YR.         158-164          13-14 YR.

122-128         7-8 YR.          170                15 YR.


All of our jeans have an adjustable waistband.

86          1 YR.                       134           9  YR.

92          2 YR.                       140          10 YR.

98          3 YR.                       146           11 YR.

104        4 YR.                       152           12  YR.

110        5 YR.                       158           13 YR.

116        6 YR.                       164           14 YR.

122        7 YR.                       170          15 YR.

128        8 YR.


Our denim and trousers are available in sizes 25-31.

T-shirts and tops

XS 34 S 36 M 38 L 40 XL 42


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